Heat Intolerance

As you watch those national weather forecasts have you noticed the scorching heat wave blazing through the US? Well, it’s been intolerable this week. Even people without heat intolerance are finding themselves affected by the increased heat index and humidity. But, for us heat intolerance folk, we are practically chained to places with air conditioning. And even the mini trips we take to venture out into the heat (the necessary trips we must take to work, or school, or to the grocery store) take everything out of us.

Heat Intolerance is when the body is incapable of feeling comfortable when the outside temperature rises. Those who suffer from heat intolerance vary in how it affects them. For me, it just depends on how hot it is and how long I expose myself to it.

I’ve learned that in:

80-90 degree weather I: feel slightly uncomfortable, but it’s not too bad unless I’m stuck in direct sunlight. If I don’t have access to water and am out there too long, I begin getting a little fuzzy-headed.

Anything above 90: Very uncomfortable, feels like my body aches and is slowed, not unusual for me to see spots, and a dull headache. And if I don’t keep up with my fluids, I can pass out.

This week, my state has had heat advisories and temperatures well above 100 by midday! I don’t even want to leave my house to go work because my car is so blazing hot. I can’t start it up and let it cool down because I seriously worry my neighbors will steal my car (believe me, not a good situation when those kids are home on summer vacation!). And then after work, when I go to leave for home, it’s a virtual sweat box for about 3 minutes until my air really kicks in. Problem is, it only take me 7 minutes to get home. Thankfully, I can walk into my house knowing it’s going to be cold in there!

So, here I am. I’m longing for Fall, but not wanting Winter. I’m loving Spring, but not liking Summer.


7 responses to “Heat Intolerance

  1. Oh Endochick!

    First, let me say that you have my condolences with the temperatures you’ve described. I’m not being facetious. You really do have my condolences because I, like you, have heat intolerance. So I “get it”.

    As out of control as the temperatures are there, I assure you that too-hot temperatures are not limited to the Midwest states right now. From what I hear it is brutally hot up into Canada now as well. If this is any indication of what this summer is going to be like, I’m truly concerned.

    Unlike you, I don’t have air conditioning at home. (Don’t get me started). At one point yesterday I looked at the indoor/outdoor thermometer and it was 89 degrees Fahrenheit. INDOORS! I can certainly relate to what you’re saying about driving a car after it has been sitting in the sun. The last few days I have been afraid to drive because of my history with fainting. (Each summer for the last few summers now I have fainted multiple times).

    Once temps start heading upwards of 70 (yes, 70), I start to get increasingly uncomfortable. The 80s simply suck the life out of me and make it difficult to function. The 90s make it almost impossible. Let’s just say I’m very thankful that it’s not going into 3 digit temperatures where I am because that’s when fainting switches from an IF to a WHEN.

    I hope things cool down for you SOON! I know how physically ill I get from such oppressive temperatures. I’m sorry it’s so hot there.

    As far as the seasons, I used to love all four. Then it was down to spring and fall because winter (which I used to love!) hurts my fibromyalgia and Raynaud’s… and summer brings this heat that makes me feel faint, nauseous, exhausted/drained, etc. Spring seems to have disappeared. Where I live, we launched from winter straight into summer. There was no spring such as the ones I remember growing up with year after year. It makes me sad. Spring seems to have vanished.

    So that leaves fall. So here’s to fall. I never thought I’d be counting the days until fall when summer has barely even officially started on the calendar but this year I seem to be doing just that. Give me 60s and sunny any day. I wouldn’t mind a nice, crisp fall day right about now.

    If it’s this hot now, what will the rest of the summer be like? I don’t want to set a new record for number of times passing out.


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  4. I am a former fashion designer for DKNY who is about to launch a fashionable cooling vest. I was diagnosed with MS more than 20 years ago and am on full disability. Cooling garments were my salvation in the summer, but they are also heavy and quite unattractive.

    If you think a cooling garment might help you, please watch my website for updates and/or our release date!

    Thank you, and best wishes,

  5. Heat intolerance really stinks. I have POTS, among other things, and have a terrible time with the heat. I just can’t move. I can manage the lower 80’s if there is a breeze and shade, and I stay still. In the hot weather, I am typically either in the water or in bed.

  6. Summer USED to be my favorite time of year.Back when I was still capable of working,I automatically woke every morning by 5:00a.m.,grabbed my coffee&as my husband lovingly nicknamed me,the “Energizer Bunny”,was off&running.On my days off I lived outside.My husband would be calling out to me@midnight wondering if I was planning to ever come in!My reply was always 1more thing to finish.Our neighbors would joke w/ him about what’s Kelly up to now,trying for the neighborhood beautician award?That day he informed them that I was bleaching the sidewalk.Not ours,she’s done w/that,the public sidewalk! 3 summers ago I was home recovering from spinal surgery, never want to do that again,made my dbl mastectomy
    seem like a hangnail,
    (when my heat intolerance reared it’s ugly head,landing me in the E.R.w/heat exhaustion.,(NEVER want 2 do that again!My double
    mastectomy was like having a hang nail in comparison.)

    • Sorry,ran into some problems,trying to do this from my phone! Heat intolerance lead to electrolyte imbalance&constant nausea.Which began my spiral down to the burning hell of Dysautonomia. Actually have come to realize have had this monster living inside me since childhood sneaking out on occasion as one syndrome /illness after another.THIS time the monster decided to stick w/me.I dream of the day he will pack his bags & leave!Instead he finds new ways to torment me 24/7.

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