My Week

My week, thus far, (and it’s only Tuesday, mind you!) has been one fail after another! I can’t seem to win or catch a break. And I’m not sure what’s going on.

On Monday, either my laptops power port (where the power cord plugs into) has a short, or something is wrong with the cord (but we can’t see anything wrong with it!). But, it will only recharge with the cord when you hold it and jiggle it and do the Moonwalk. And, well, I’m no Michael Jackson (may he rest in peace), so my laptop isn’t recharging. Every time I get it recharging, I go to type or the air brushes against the cable just right and BAM! it stops charging! It is so frustrating!! I copied everything important off of it and onto my husband’s PC, which has my old monitor from my old PC so it’s kind of like going home (except I’m that kid who ran away and now the cops are bringing me back in the middle of the night and I’m in the back of the squad car trying to pay them off with a pack of gum and the promise of donuts in the morning if they turn the car around – I have nothing to offer, but am desperate to return to my freedom). My mother-in-law has the same laptop, so when she gets in town (my in-laws are truckers) I’ll use her power cable to test the power cable theory. I don’t think this theory holds much water, but it’s worth a shot. You never know. Miracles have happened in the past.

The tonight, I was needing to install Office 2007 on my husband’s computer because all of his software is so old school (talking ’97!!!). I’m used to the newer stuff because I had the free software from school. Oh, the perks. Well, we combed the house. Combed it with a fine tooth comb, and can’t find that CD anywhere! It’s been on my desk for 2 years, now it’s missing??? I can’t believe this! It’s like someone is out to get me or something! I downloaded OpenOffice instead. Screw it.

Then I went to hand my son his water, a rather full glass, and spilled it all over my purse! My hand just lost the grip! I was quick to get everything electronical out of there – my cell, my new FlipHD Mino. And nothing was harmed. No money or documents were soiled, and now the purse just needs to dry out. Hoping it does so over night because I work an early and all day shift tomorrow!

So, as you can see, my week is shaping up to be something out of this world and it’s only beginning!


One response to “My Week

  1. You have had quite the start to the week, let’s hope that things may look up soon. What is freaky is that I too have experienced the exact same thing with my laptop starting about three weeks ago. If my power cord ain’t sitting at the right angle, or I move in the slightest, there goes the charging and my laptop quickly dies. It sucks big time! And I wish i had a rich uncle who would buy me a new one for my upcoming birthday (not that I celebrate birthdays really, but everyone seems to like to get me something to commemorate the anniversary of me making my mother scream, so I tend to give out lists of what I want in hopes of getting something useful).

    This week has been interesting for me as well. Monday I found out that I have an extra renal pouch. This is hilarious since I am someone who has only one functioning kidney left and it doesn’t even function all that way. I have never heard of an extra renal pouch, but perhaps it’s something the doc can lop off and put on the other side if i should ever require a transplant?! I also fainted in bed on Monday at the hospital while getting my IV. Was in soooo much pain.

    Yesterday, I couldn’t hold anything worth a darn. I was eating a purple freezing and when I went to push it up, it splattered all over me and my keyboard. I made a smoothie last night and I managed to spill a large portion of it down my top as I was drinking it. apparently mommy brain has made me forget exactly where my mouth is.

    You are certainly not alone my friend. We can all have our laughs at another date when it does actually seem funny! lol

    take care,

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