The Endo Returneth

You can be going about your life, carefree, just living it and enjoying it when it strikes – “E”. You immediately recognize the familiar twinges, the gasping pain in your pelvis, your side, your gut! You feel your belly get tender, your thighs begin to ache, and all you can think about it is having a nap  coma cuddle under some warm blankets after crying into your pillow while the pain meds take forever to work. That’s if you have pain meds… or you dare to take the pain meds because they will constipate you or make you sick to your stomach because you hurt so bad that you can’t even eat.

And you lay there thinking, why me? What did I do to deserve this?

My day had been crazy, just like every other day. But I hadn’t been expecting this to welcome me home. I was about to prepare dinner but my stomach started hurting. It just cramped, kept cinching into balls and I was powerless to stop it. I breathed – deep, slow breaths, but it kept coming in relentless waves – one after another. I wasn’t making supper, there was just no way I was going to cope. I wasn’t sure I could eat. I got a cup of soup down me, taking in spoonfuls between the waves of pain. I just wanted something small in me so I could take some pain meds. But when it came time to take the medicine,  I decided not to. I told myself it wasn’t that bad yet, I could hold off. I went and laid down in my bed and put in a video. Tried to get my mind off of it. For a while, it seemed to ease up. Then it came back. I took a hot bath, got sleepy, finally fell asleep. This morning when I awoke I thought it was gone. I went about my day, began exercising, then… it said “hello, sunshine, we’re here!” Seeing as this is my last week of work at my current job, I may have to turn to that pain pill to get through the afternoon. I hate to, but I can’t let “E” win the battle because I’ll be damned if it’s going to win the war!


7 responses to “The Endo Returneth

  1. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Endochick – I’m so sorry that the nasty “E” has come along yet again. I’m all too familiar with the monthly reruns of “E” showing, that it makes me cringe to think that I’m not too far away from experiencing the saga again. It’s awful that we must evaluate how badly we really are in pain before considering whether or not to take our pain meds. As I’ve mentioned before, under-treating pain is a major leading cause of developing a hyper-sensitive central nervous system that wants to respond to every stimulus as though it’s the next great weapon. As if we don’t have enough already to deal with…

    I’m hoping that you can find some relief, and food that will be kind to you, and make this week “surviveable”. Let’s hope that it’s a short-lived run and that when you go to your newer job that it won’t wreck havoc.

  3. Endochick,

    I’m so sorry you’re in such pain. 😦


  4. I love your blog and am sorry you’re feeling so awful Im writing this from bed (where I have been for the better part of the weekend) so I do sympathize. I hope you feel better soon! Im out of painkillers-I hate to tell you what I would do for one right about now…no bother tho…I would probably just throw it back up anyway.

    • Hope you feel better soon. Glad you like my blog and hope you continue to enjoy it! Try and get feeling better and bug those doctors we pay good money for for some meds!!

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