The #endo Diet

I was just looking through something that hit my e-mail, something that reminded me of all those miracle diets we always hear about. You know the ones – the “grape fruit diet” types. But this one was a book based on something called the Endometriosis Diet. I’ve heard a LOT about this diet from other bloggers, and people on Twitter, but have never really looked into it that much. So I gave the link a quick look and one of the women who had claimed to have used the book and had followed the diet gave a run-down of what the diet eliminates. It sounded exactly like what my fellow #endo sufferers have spoken about. They claimed that eliminating wheat, dairy, soy, caffeine and alcohol from their diets, has dramatically decreased their pain, bloating, etc.

I’ve noticed since going meat-free, eliminating all but 1/4 cup lactose-free fat free milk in my cereal a day of dairy, and not really eating many wheat products, and not drinking/eating caffeine or alcohol, my symptoms have really been controlled. But not just that! I’ve found it much easier to lose weight – weight loss so far at 50 lbs! I’m looking healthier and feeling healthier. My skin is vibrant. I have more energy, and my chronic conditions don’t seem to be as much of a hindrance as they were a year ago. This may be because of the weight loss, but that, I feel, is in direct correlation to the change of diet. And, yes, it’s drastic! Many people have told me they couldn’t eat how I eat. And when I stray, I pay for it. But it’s worth it to have my pain be less.

I’m not endorsing any particular book, though. I’m sure we can all share our own recipes and find plenty on-line for free. But if anyone knows of a book that’s helped them, go ahead and leave it in a comment for others.


4 responses to “The #endo Diet

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  2. That’s great you’re finding diet modifications are helping you!!

    I have cut out caffeine (for many reasons) and there are benefits! Esp not drinking as much pop, all those empty calories. And then I drink more water and yeah, that’s a good thing! 🙂

    And congrats on the weight loss!!!

    You go girl!

    Keep us updated as to how the diet is going!

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  4. I’ve had the same good luck with the diet, but did not go with a book. My doc referred me to a web site, where I got the basics and then also gave me some of her own research she had done on the subject. I, too, also pay if I deviate. I’m glad that you’ve been able to get help with the pain from changing your diet as well!

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