This nerves me that I even have to write this, but I must.

I am being impersonated on Twitter. I will not give credence to this person by naming the account, just know that I am @Endochick. I will always be at that Twitter account. I will not change it. If you are contacted by someone who looks like me but isn’t THAT name, disregard EVERYTHING they say. Please.

The fact that people must take these measures, runs through these hoops, and protect themselves in this way is ridiculous. But we must. It’s a sad fact, I know.

I just urge everyone in the #endo and #endometriosis community to be safe. I’m still here and have no plans of going away.

Also, this same person is impersonating another #endo Twitter and blogger – of Chronic Healing. Clicking on the hyperlink in the previous sentence will take you to her blog post on this subject matter. Again, this is a disturbing example of how our society is degenerating, and how some people have nothing better to do with their time than to prey on those who are trying to help.

I urge everyone who encounters either spam account to BLOCK & REPORT immediately. Do not engage this person as this will only increase your chances of becoming a target of their antics. PLEASE DO NOT ENGAGE THEM.

Thank you.


5 responses to “FYI

  1. I’m so, so sorry. I only found out because this person tried to follow me. FAIL 😉 We may not have the same illness, but we are united by being #spoonies. If you’d like to join Spoonies United, please feel free to email me 😉

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  3. is that guy still around, the one who was on the erc board, gregory smithg or whatever his ‘name’ was? being a ‘doctor”? yes, protect yourself

    they’re doing it to a lot of people out there, but doing it to someone with a chronic illness is even worse

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