Endometriosis Misinformation in the Media

There is a lot of misinformation circulating the Internet about endometriosis. Some of us are all too aware of this. But there is also misinformation about this painful, chronic disease circulating in the mainstream press by legit doctors of gynaecology. The same doctors who treat endometriosis are helping to fuel the misinformation cesspool. The mere thought of this is mind-blowing.

Instead of writing a long post explaining the current situation I will direct you to Chronichealing.com. Her post Media: Endometriosis Misinformation (Edited) will be able to fully tell you more than I can now. The comments on this thread are also VERY much worth reading.

After reading her post, please go to the webpage and e-mail the editor! Alone our voice is weak, but together our voices are mighty.


One response to “Endometriosis Misinformation in the Media

  1. Endochick,

    Thank you very much for posting this! As you mentioned, when endometriosis misinformation is disseminated by gynecologists and other doctors/”experts”… it stings all the more! The very doctors who one would expect to help spread endometriosis *FACTS* to the media are all-too-often spreading endometriosis misinformation instead. This is not only a disservice to all endometriosis patients but it harms the endometriosis community and it negatively impacts the general public as well.

    Thank you for directing readers to my post. I am hoping that those who have not already signed the endo petition linked in my post would please consider signing it as soon as they are able. I am planning to use it soon to try to make some headway regarding endo in the media. So, the more signatures we have on it, the better!! Anyone who supports the endo cause/endo patients can sign. It is NOT necessary to be an endo patient to sign the petition. Again, the link for it is in my post (that you mentioned above).

    As you mentioned, letters to the editor are needed (see details on how to do this in my post). Writing such a letter is quick and easy. In addition, we now have an email address where we hope to be able to reach the author of the inaccurate article directly. (This info is also in my post).

    I worked on this issue all day today. I have heard from MANY outraged endometriosis patients. Some of them have written in to the newspaper and others have not. I firmly believe that the more of us writes in to express our concern about the wording of this article, the better. Many people have requested (or demanded) a retraction.

    You are right that by banding together, our voices become magnified greatly!

    Thank you for posting this!


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