It’s #endometriosis Month!

Yes, we are in the middle of Endometriosis month and I’ve been swamped with grad school. While I would have loved to post every day on the subject of endometriosis and how it affects our lives, I just haven’t had the time this year. [Insert HUGE dissapointed face]

But, Jeanne over at Chronic Healing has been very active this month with endometriosis awareness posts and infertility posts. Infertility affects many with endometriosis, some who do not realize they have the disease until investigating the cause of their infertility!

Jeanne also has the Endometriosis Awareness Petition on her blog – as well as in my sidebar. PLEASE SIGN IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO!!  This month is all about education and awareness! We need MORE signatures!!!

If you have a blog or website, just copy and paste the following code onto your site. Help make a change for the millions of women who suffer silently with this disease.

<a href=””><img width=”206″ height=”60″ border=”0″ alt=”GoPetition” title=”Create Endometriosis Awareness &amp; Understanding (powered by GoPetition)” src=”;t=2” /></a>


5 responses to “It’s #endometriosis Month!

  1. I signed and am also asking the “big groups” to go to Change.Org and start a petition there as well.Maybe you can start one there too.

    Maybe under women’s reproductive rights or health care (for our issues in covering endometriosis related treatment.)

    I made a shirt for myself for this month at zazzle. It’s harsh but I was in a harsh place when I wrote it. The front says on the front:

    Endometriosis is destroying my life.

    The back says

    I wanted to email the pic to you but your email isn’t accepted properly there for some reason.

  2. Endochick,

    THANK YOU for posting this! I have posted this blog link on Facebook and asked my Facebook friends to follow your example and post the petition badge on their sites (or for them to spread the word through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter).

    It is important to note that ANYONE who supports the 89 million women and girls living with endometriosis can sign the petition.

    One more quick note: my posts this month that reference the petition (or any of my posts, including those on infertility or other subjects) can be promoted quickly and easily by visitors to my site simply by them clicking “StumbleIt” for StumbleUpon or “TweetThis” for Twitter users (both buttons are at the bottom of each post). Anyone who wishes to write a short review of the endo awareness petition on StumbleUpon will help get the word out about it. The petition will be used long after Endometriosis Awareness Month is over and into the future.

    Thank you!


  3. Thank you for this post! I am a fellow endo chick & I just recently started a blog about my experiences with this disease. I am excited to have found your blog and peruse your archives. I have felt so alone and misunderstood for so many years. I am finally ending my silence. Thanks for helping me do that.

    If you want to check out my new blog it’s

    Take care,

  4. Awesome site and great comforting information. Thanks for your work.

  5. No one told me to give up plastics when I was diagnosed. But when I did, my symptoms have reduced significantly. May not be the ultimate solution for everyone, but in my case, I feel it has helped. Best decision ever. Read more if you wish:

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