Welcome home, Dysautonomia. Will you be staying for the summer?


I thought that perhaps I had managed to escape the dreaded dysautonomia monster. Just maybe this year I could be free from its weakening, heart thumping, exhausted grip. I was wrong.

Dysautonomia arrived Saturday. I thought I was just tired from staying up late the previous night. Then it dawned on me that after 9 hours of sleep, I should not be tired. At least that tired. I could barely climb out of bed and my body felt as if it weighed a ton. At first, I thought I was coming down with something. As the day wore on, and I exposed myself to more heat, I noticed how easily overheated I was becoming. Then I would get weak and dizzy, and at one point, I even had to sit down and catch my breath. This is not normal for someone who runs an average of 12 miles a week.

 That night, once the sun was setting and it was a tad bit cooler outside, I dared a run. 1.15 miles in and I had to throw in the towel. I flopped down in my desk chair, in the air-conditioned living room, and slowly began to feel normal again. It was allergies, I told myself. Just allergies.

Then Sunday morning I awake and go with the family for breakfast. Then I went with my husband to the walk-in-clinic and took the kids up and down on the see-through elevator for 20 minutes. It was rather warm there seeing, as the front of the building is four stories of glass wall. The sun beamed in and I get weaker. My head swam more when I went to Wal-Mart (the windows down because I LOVE fresh air), and got worse again after leaving the grocery store. The sudden change from and ice-cold environment to hot and muggy made me get very weak. Thinking I needed to eat, I broke open the raspberries and ate some on the way home. Yet this was not helping.

 When I got home, I drank some water. Perhaps I was dehydrated. It took a while before I was feeling somewhat normal. Then I took a shower. Not a HOT shower, but a warm one. I noticed that afterwards I was so weak that it took everything in me to get dressed. It was then that I realized this was not allergies. It was not a cold, either. It was dysautonomia.

 I spent Sunday in air-conditioning. I took it very easy – writing and reading. Today, I am starting to feel truly normal again. At least for now.

 I guess life would not be interesting if it did not throw you the occasional curve ball….


One response to “Welcome home, Dysautonomia. Will you be staying for the summer?

  1. Oh Endochick!

    I am so, so sorry! 😦 I know you do not need this right now!

    Well, I have been having “sympathy dysautonomia”. Yesterday, I was so dizzy and felt so sick it wasn’t even funny. This occurred right after sitting in the sun for two hours. While I sat under an umbrella for shelter, it was very hot.

    I’m so very sorry. Dysautonomia is not fun at all.


    P.S. I did find latex-free compression hose and I’m hoping they’ll help me avoid fainting. We’ll see.

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