When your period signals a problem?

This evening a  WebMD article popped into my RSS: When your period signals a problem.

I often get questions and comments about unusual flow patterns (too few days between, too many, too heavy, not enough, etc.). This article gives a nice highlight over the key issues regarding when a woman needs to be concerned about her monthly friend. I encourage everyone to read it. Remember, your flow – whether long or short, heavy or light – may be normal for you if it is consistent. You should be concerned – and pursue an appointment with your GYN – when the flow, pain, or duration changes and remains such.


3 responses to “When your period signals a problem?

  1. As a young woman, I had very painful periods. Now as a licensed acupuncturist with four years of training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I love to make women aware of the help they may get with menstrual irregularities. My advice is to see your ob-gyn for a complete workup to get a western diagnosis for your condition. Then consider chinese medicine. There is much help for painful periods, endometriosis, irregular periods, PCOS, menopause issues, and infertility.

  2. Unfortunately, we are not taugh to listen to our bodies or recognise the signals our body sends out and more importantly how to fix those problems. Every signal sent from your body is a sign that something is out of balance and we should listen out for them. Little things like having a headache, nausea and even a change in your digestion are all signs that your body is out of balance. The same things also will be noticed when you heal your body from the inside, through natural methods. They take time and these little signs are measures that they are in deed working. I agree with Joyce in using Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have been using it for years and can honestly say that is a much more effective way of dealing with Endo. I also use various natural methods to cope and have successfully cured Endo – I had two Laporoscopies to check!
    Drugs and hormonal treatments simply create more imbalance in the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine fixes it all and makes you a normal person again!

  3. Great posting. I definitely believe that it is the combination of the woman and knowing her body, patterns, and irregularities AND her doctor. Unfortunately, I have had irregularities, pains, and so many issues since I was 15 years old and my doctors NEVER did a single thing. Told my mom that I was “young” and it will pass, that I was seeking attention, and that I was just making it up. 15 years later, I have been diagnosed with PCOS, Stage 3 Endometriosis, Vulvodynia, and PAD (pelvic adhesion disease), and chronic pelvic pain.

    While I did everything I can to see every doctor that I could, none of them helped me at all. It’s very unfortunate that it seems as if there are not enough OBGYNs that specialize in specific women’s diseases, such as Vulvodynia or Endometriosis or do not seem to put all the pieces together to even want to test further and investigate.

    While I just started my process to healing, I’m glad that (so far), I’ve found a doctor that seems very interested and eager to solve everything.

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