Prick. Poke. Burn.

Prick. Poke. Burn. It began Thursday night, after a run. And after being in the heat playing mini-golf. It is now Sunday night, and the sensations have yet to cease. Now my muscles are tensing; tired from the prickly burning assault.

            I am now suffering from sleep deprivation. The Benadryl I use at night affords me sporadic sleep. I am thankful to get a 20-30 minutes stretch of zzzz’s before the needle pokes or seering pain wakes me up. I am very lucky if I fall asleep before 1 am.

            I wish I could type a longer post but the neuropathy in my hands (which is also in my feet!) is highly aggravated by typing. Or really doing anything with my hands for that matter. The dysautonomia is causing sharp blood pressure drops when I stand up, and standing or walking makes my feet HURT! I am fine just lying down. And I’m going to stay that way.

            I am really too busy for this. Way too busy.


4 responses to “Prick. Poke. Burn.

  1. I understand you so well.. Im fine lying down but my life is passing me by.
    the really awful part is no one gets me, and no doctor understands me at all.. everyone thinks Im crazy, its just anxiety they say.
    the problem with dentist.. they say its not the anesthesia, its just that Im scared!
    Im not crazy but they make me think that I am.. Im not anxious until they start this same conversation all over again..
    yes, how I understand you..

  2. I can’t even begin to imagine how rubbish this must make you feel… I cried and went out of my mind the last two nights because of an inability to sleep for longer than 30mins at a time or without being sick and that was only for 2 days… I really feel for you right now and truly hope that you get some relief from these symptoms soon xx

  3. Endochick,

    I’m so sorry! I hope you feel much better very soon!!


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