I’m still here… sort of

The blog title “Endometriosis: the silent life sentence” says it all, but right now my endometriosis isn’t causing me to feel like a prisoner. It’s being managed. This has helped me to focus on my research on improving the physician-patient relationship for other chronically ill women. The focus of my study hinges on women with confirmed endometriosis. The disease, regardless of stage, must have been confirmed with a laparoscopy or other visually diagnostic procedure.

The only identification markers used in my paper will be your age, date of diagnosis, and stage of disease. This is ALL I need from you. To participate, you do NOT need to send me anything beyond the above.

If you are aware of friends or relatives, or are a forum member, please consider sharing my blog information.

Thanks! And hopefully I will blog about something endo-relevant soon.


3 responses to “I’m still here… sort of

  1. Age: 30
    Date of Diagnosis: 30
    Stage: 3

  2. Endochick,

    I posted your previous link about the endometriosis research on Facebook (again) so that more people will see it.


  3. Looking forward to seeing your results!

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