I am jumping on here to give a shout out of THANKS! to Jeanne over at Chronic Healing. She is doing a stellar job bring awareness to my research study. 

To everyone who has participated thus far, THANKS! The information I have gathered has been very eye opening. So far, and it is still early, there seems to be a correlation between how disease diagnosis is being communicated to the patient (in most cases poorly with very little communication) to how patients handle the symptoms/progression and their ultimate surgical and medicinal methods to control pain and disease growth. For those women who have provided generous feedback at the end of the survey, THANKS! These accounts of failed doctor visits, failed surgeries, forced treatments, little to no options, and being labeled “hypochondriacs” reinforces the need for better physician/patient communication with this disease. 

I am excited to be working on this and having so many of you willing to participate. Keep the information coming!


8 responses to “Thanks!

  1. Endochick,

    It’s so exciting that you are getting helpful feedback for the research study! Thank you for all your hard work for the endometriosis cause!!


  2. And I want to say “THANK YOU” for putting so much time and energy into your research… it is fantastic that you are studying this in real detail and finding these patterns. I cannot begin to imagine how much time and energy it must take to go through everything like this, so I just wanted to say that I think you are awesome!!

    • Thanks, Amanda 🙂 I am actually enjoying this research. It’s bringing home all the assumptions I’ve, and others, have had regarding physician’s treatment of the chronically ill.

      • Amanda,

        Isn’t it exciting that someone who cares so much about endometriosis (the amazing Endochick) is conducting endometriosis research?


  3. Can you email me info about the study again and ill pass along to my Infertility group.

    • Sure thing, Allison! I’ll put it on my calendar to do next week (it’s late an I MUST get to bed!!). If you haven’t heard from me by Tuesday, email me or leave a comment.

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