Guest Post: What to expect at your IUI Treatment

Tania, author of the blog Trying to Conceive is guest posting about what one can expect at their first IUI appointment. This post is about infertility and infertility treatments. It is not meant merely to inform those who choose this option and is in no way intended replace the advice of your personal physician.

The presence of endometriosis shows an increase chance of infertility. This post is meant to help those women know what to expect if they choose to seek IUI treatment.

What to expect at your IUI appointment?

Intrauterine insemination is an artificial insemination method that is relatively non-invasive and often has high
success rates. Trying to conceive a baby through IUI is not suitable for everyone with fertility issues, and women with
advanced endometriosis normally do not benefit from this procedure. However, for many endomteriosis patients, IUI
can offer a real chance to conceive a baby. If your doctor has recommended you try IUI, or you are researching this
possibility, you doubtless want to know what to expect from this procedure.

Some studies indicate that Intrauterine Insemination is especially successful for women with mild endometriosis, in
conjunction with fertility drugs that induce ovulation, such as Clomid or Femara. The IUI procedure is sometimes
timed around a woman’s natural ovulation, which can be pin-pointed by using an ovulation calendar and ovulation
tests. This option does require a level of flexibility on the part of the fertility clinic that is not offered everywhere.

For women who are anovulatory, or in cases where fertility clinics prefer to determine the timing of the IUI procedure
in advance, Clomid can be used to induce ovulation, and also encourage the development of multiple eggs.

Itrauterine Insemination requires semen to be washed before inserting it into the uterus and therefore, a semen
sample will need to be provided to the lab several days before the planned IUI. During sperm washing, the actual
sperm is collected and separated from the other fluids that make up an ejaculation. In this process, the volume is
greatly reduced.

During the IUI procedure itself, a speculum will first be inserted into your vagina. A technician will then clean your
cervical area, and the processed sperm that resulted from sperm washing, is inserted into the uterus with the aid of a
sterile and highly pliable catheter. While Intrauterine Insemination is slightly unpleasant, the procedure should not be
painful in is over in a short period of time.

You will probably be advised to stay in your chair, reading a magazine and drinking a cup of tea, before going on your
merry way and commencing your two week wait. Most fertility clinics will carry out one IUI per cycle, but some believe
that two inseminations increase the success rate of the procedure.


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