Waiting sucks

Because we (my docs and I) think I may have a slight cold, or whatever other nasty viruses are going around my school, I will wait until Monday to have my glucose tolerance test done. In a way, I’m relieved. In another way, this just makes it more time before we know something.

I spoke directly with the doctor this morning. She said the glucose tolerance test was non-negotiable but to take someone with me this time. Last time was AWFUL! They need to measure how the IGF-1 hormone responds to the shock of glucose. If it doesn’t drop, then there is a chance I have a pituitary tumor. If it’s there, it’s possible it was there when I had my last MRI (roughly 2 yrs ago) but was so small it got missed. Being a patient safety person, this just reinforces my 3 people reading an MRI idea. The more educated eyes it passes through the better the chance something doesn’t get missed!

Regardless, it’s hard to concentrate on getting out the door and working (which I need to leave soon and still have a TON to do) with the word “tumor” floating in your mind. I just want to crawl back into bed and rewind life.


2 responses to “Waiting sucks

  1. Endochick,

    I’m really sorry for the stress you are under. As we discussed offline, talk of a pituitary tumor is conjecture. I am really sorry that anyone said the word “tumor” to you over the phone. They simply don’t know for sure why your IGF-1 is elevated. Having had numerous times over the years where I was told (sometimes by phone) that I might have a tumor, I know what the waiting game for that is like. I personally don’t think doctors should make such comments on the phone but we won’t even go there.

    Right now, I want you to focus on getting well enough to take the glucose tolerance test on Monday so that it doesn’t get bumped back. As we discussed offline, this may mean holding back on some of your regular activities to give your body a chance to get better by then.

    I am really sorry they got you so upset with that phone call. Having had similar calls made to me over the years (where their guesses were wrong!), I know how hard it is to wait for more information.

    Hang in there! I’m really sorry you are (understandably) upset about all of this. Please try not to focus on worst case scenario situations. They just don’t *know* right now what’s going on.

    Take care,


  2. Thinking of you!!!!!!!!!!!

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