I still do not know much because it takes DAYS to get the IGF-1 test back.

The glucose and electrolytes came back normal, so that’s two things going for me. Now we will see what the IGF-1 has to say before advancing.

My confusion now stems from my fasting glucose in July. I wonder if the IGF-1 was elevated then (it was not tested), or if this is a new anomaly.

Time will tell…


One response to “…..whatever…..

  1. Endochick,

    Good luck!!! I hope you get info very soon!


    P.S. Please don’t forget to register on my latest blog post for the Love Beats Hate blogging event on November 17th! Thank you! (Twitter users: please follow the #LoveBeatsHate hashtag for updates and the Love Beats Hate page on Facebook). Thank you!

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