There is reason to believe I could have Polycystic Ovary Disease. I’m not excited that another diagnosis could be added to my already full plate, but I have accepted it. It is what it is, after all.

As is common with endometriosis, I am no stranger to cysts. And with cysts – adhesions. When the cluttered web of heavy adhesions was freed from my pelvis during my last lap, I asked if I could have PCOS. This was dismissed. But I still wondered how I could be plagued with constant and multiple cysts and the only offer medicine could give me was a hysterectomy. I never took that option.

But a recent visit with my endocrinologist is moving me towards PCOS. She believes – based on clinical symptoms and blood work – that I have it. She wants to give my gynecologist a chance to treat it because of the endometriosis. I’ll see her next month, I believe, and will hopefully know more.

At least now I have an answer for the hair removal cream I need (the 5 o’clock shadow isn’t too hot on women). We will see what develops after my next appointment, but it’s a relief having your suspicions validated.

I need to get the ovaries under control, though. The cysts and endo cause adhesions – and thick ones – that glue my ovaries to my intestines. The tightness of it on my left side has caused me to be dependant on Miralax twice a day. I am sure a lysis is in my future, just trying to delay it past my near future. I hate the idea of surgery, especially abdominal, but I have a feeling it’s something I can’t avoid forever.


5 responses to “PCOS

  1. I can totally relate!! I was told I had PCOS after no other finding or explanation could be given to me. 3 years later, I was told I had terrible adhesions and Stage 4 Endo. This doctor said I did not have PCOS and all of my symptoms are Endo-related. July 2010, a month after I turned 30, I had a Lap and in October, a hysterectomy (leaving only my right ovary). I’m just past 12-weeks post-surgery and while I feel like I own the world, all too familiar feelings are coming back. I’ve had extremely bad cramps, pulling like adhesions are back, and terrible pains and burning sensations on my right side and under my pelvic bone. My fear is that the Endo is back. I see my doctor on Feb 14th and I hope he will allow another Lap. My greatest fear is that I will never be pain free – even with no “parts” and my sex life will continue to be like I’m being murdered over and over again.

    Besides medication, which I try to avoid taking at any cost, and diet, what else can I do at this point?

    I’ve been dealing with this since I was 12. I’m ‘only’ 30…

    • Kim,

      I am ‘only’ 30, too, so I can relate. Did you start hormone replacement immediatly after surgery? This will feed the endo. Adhesions will result from any surgery, especially a hysterectomy. If you are prone to having pelvic adhesions, and with stage 4 endo you would be, then all those pelvic nerves are sensitive from being pulled and tugged at. Adhesions post-op will be no different from endo adhesions.

      My doctor suggested hysterectomy for me 2 years ago. I sought a second opinion and she said only if you’re bleeding heavily. As she put it “right now, you know how your body handles endometriosis. You can try different therapies, non permanent, and give up when something isn’t right. After a hysterectomy, you’re commited. And it can be a rough marriage.”

  2. I hope your gynecologist can help.

  3. Endochick,

    I hope your GYN and endocrinologist can get things sorted out and addressed the best way possible.


  4. I have endo, cysts and adhesions. After my lap 2 years ago the pain was gone but now it’s back. I’m in the middle of my standard left side ovarian cyst and it’s just painful So far no PCOS diagnosis and I don’t have most of the symptoms for that but I do get ovarian cysts. This disease hits so many parts of our bodies it’s hard to know who to talk to and where to turn. I truly sympathize with you and hope you can find some relief.

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