BBC’s  Coupling centered around a group of late 20-early 30ish single people. They hooked up, broke up, and got themselves into all sorts of mischief. It’s a rather raunchy and hilarious show, which I enjoyed. The reruns, despite having watched them countless times, always leave me in stitches. Wonderful writing and acting. 

So, how does this relate to my title: Unflushable?? Well… I’ll let Steve (Jack Davenport) and Jeff (Richard Coyle) explain that…

No, I don’t have a loved one I wish to “flush”.  It’s my sewer lines, or more specifically, my toilet I would like to flush.

When my toilet is flushed, it’s contents are regurgitated into the bathtub. Before the bathtub became an oversized diaper, the water would take 50 minutes or more to drain after showering. When the washer runs, soap suds erupt from the bathroom sink. And when it drains, the toilet gurgles and the water lines coming from the washer leak all over my new wood floor. And to make matters worse, as if this was even possible, my pipes groan in the night.

We have determined, after speaking with neighbors who have also vacated their homes, that this is a city problem. And the city’s response, as of last Wednesday, “we’ll get it Thursday.” And that night, upon coming home, was it fixed? Apparently not! Their answer Friday afternoon??? Due to the cold weather – MONDAY!

I have been forced to vacate my cozy house on a weekend when I NEEDED to relax. My husband’s grandparents have lovingly taken us in, but I hate being a burden. His grandmother is changing her meal plan for tomorrow because of my new dietary needs. This is so sweet of her, but yet again, I feel like a huge burden. They are doing something nice for us, they shouldn’t have to change meals and accomodate me.

I find humor in the Coupling clip above. I just wish my toilet wasn’t unflushable.


3 responses to “Unflushable

  1. Endochick,

    I’m so, so sorry you’re having such horrid plumbing problems and I hope they get fixed SOON!


  2. That sounds like a nightmare. Sorry you are having to deal with that.

    I hope it is fixed soon too! Thanks for the clip. I have never seen that show. I’m going to see if it is on Netflix.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks Jenn. Netflix has it on Watch Now and it’s hysterical! The fourth season isn’t as good as the first 3, though, but still OK.

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