Toilets SUCK

It’s exile day three and living in a small room with four people is wearing on me. I go to work and am surrounded by people demanding this and that. And now I come home – I can pretend, at least – to people surrounding me. I can’t escape much into another room, unless it’s to visit with someone. It’s not my house, after all. It would be a bit rude of me to kick people out of their own rooms so I can have 10 minutes of alone time. I sincerely hope I have my house back tomorrow. I REALLY DO! Living out of a suitcase is getting old.


2 responses to “Toilets SUCK

  1. Endochick,

    I’m so sorry that plumbing problems have forced you out of your home and I hope they fix it very soon!


    P.S. Maybe your title should read “BROKEN toilets suck”. 😉

  2. Hoping you get back to your privacy soon!!!!!

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