Are you safe?

I am using this video in PPT presentation for school. I felt compelled to post it here for your viewing. When I asked for submissions, I recieved too many that recounted minor to serious adverse events. These ran from surgical, to in-office minor things, to major hospitalizations. The patients lost productivity, financial stability, and even their mental states. Pleas watch this and take it to heart. The health system is NOT infallible. You must speak up for yourself.


One response to “Are you safe?

  1. Endochick,

    Patients advocating for themselves and having loved ones advocate for them when possible/needed (i.e. having loved ones speak for us to communicate our wishes and protect us when we’re under anesthesia or incapacitated in some way) is so important! Whereas I’ve seen stats like this before, I hadn’t seen this particular video. It nicely hits home, in the format of a short video that grabs one’s attention, just how serious a problem medical errors really are. Thank you for posting this important video!


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