“Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking.” — Ghandi

A true test of character does not come during the calm.

Only with time and pressure can the shiniest diamond form crude earth.

Enough with the sacchrine inspirational thoughts? Yeah, me too. ….

It’s time for #lovebeatshate, a movement started to unite those with chronic or invisible illnesses, or their loved ones and friends, to bring about peaceful change. The keyword: peaceful.

Reflecting on Ghandi’s message of unity, we can see that this unity isn’t always easy sailing. While in the pursuit of spreading love to further the understanding of misunderstood medical conditions, we will come up against opposition. Some will pronounce that our cause isn’t worthy. Or they may try exploiting our pain and suffering by promising false treatments.  But we must stand united.

As Ghandi notes, unity is  not always easy, but the pay off is worth it. We can accomplish more together. Examples are plentiful: an endometriosis petition, letters to media, a sisterhood of bloggers banding together to offer support and guidance. This #lovebeatshate movement, with each person taking time from their precious schedules, some writing through pain even, to produce a common thread of love. Each post with its own unique spin on what it means to be a part of #lovebeatshate.

Unity = the fire may come but you will never walk through it alone.

Together we are stronger.


3 responses to “#lovebeatshate

  1. So true. Together we are stronger!

  2. Amen! There is a strength that comes from knowing that we are not alone…there is something about having someone that understands or walks the way with us. Unity is not over rated.

  3. Endochick,

    What a great Gandhi quote to open your post!

    There are people who do not deem a given illness “worthy” of meaningful research studies, there are most certainly people/companies/organizations that exploit the pain and other symptoms of chronically ill patients, and there are (without a doubt) plenty of false treatments (or even false cures) peddled around.

    However, in my experience online… the good outweighs the bad. The support outweighs the exploitation. The peace triumphs over the drama. You are right about the importance of standing united.

    We absolutely can accomplish more together! The example you cited of people working together (an endometriosis petition, letters to the media, a sisterhood of bloggers banding together to offer support and guidance) are a perfect segue-way to the cooperative effort many bloggers will make next month for Endometriosis Awareness Month. By working together, we truly can accomplish so much more than by working alone.

    I know you are experiencing some significant pain now and that it wasn’t easy for you to do a post. Thank you for making the effort. The message of unity is an important one.


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