Why we need awareness #3

This post will be simple and short. I am listing the blog searches this blog has received this morning, within a 3 hour time span. These searches demonstrate why we need more awareness:

endometriosis of the brain
38 year old hysterectomy stage 4 endometriosis  1
occipital neuralgia and endometriosis
endometriosis and estrogen
pititary endometriosis
endometriosis (estrogen)
endometriosis blogs
cab a pap smear tell you you gave endometriosis
endometriosis and the brain
stage 2 endometriosis
vertigo and endometriosis
painful hysterectomy blog
endometriosis a life sentence
leg numbness and depakene
stage 3 endometriosis blogs

5 responses to “Why we need awareness #3

  1. Endochick,

    Thank you so much for this post. I have been meaning to do such a post myself for some time. The search strings that lead people to find my blog are fascinating but also they often make me sad. The fact that so many such searches took place within such a short time frame is really telling. There are many people out there searching for information about endometriosis!


  2. thanks, Endochick – this tiny little snippet illustrates so much…

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  4. This post says so much.

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