That prejudice

People like to say, “I’m not prejudice”… but then something – a statement or a look – creeps up and reveals their true nature. It happens. In a way, we all have our prejudices. These may not be major, but simply behaviors we have adopted from familial and societal influences.

I experienced this prejudice yesterday. I had to leave work because of a health situation. It was personal – I did not want to share it with the group – but had to ask someone to cover for me in the afternoon. I asked, she said yes. I was prepared to move on…then…

This coworker turns to another and gives this look – the eye rolling business. The situation I was leaving for was completely out of my control! But I don’t care any more.

They and their miserable attitudes can just bugger off.

But what blows my mind is this coworker is a devout Christian. She talks about her church, and prays for people. But the Christian’s I know – and I am one of them – don’t treat people like this.


3 responses to “That prejudice

  1. Linda, I understand just what you feel. With my MCS & Fibromyalgia, I’m always “failing” people. Don’t turn up at special reunions, even New Year’s Eve, family birthdays etc etc. I haven’t yet figured out whether it’s best to say “Yep, I’ll be there” (to get my will-power into top gear), or to say “Look, I can’t promise, cos I have this health problem” (and get the rolling-eyes looks, which puts my will-power down to zero..)
    Special hugs, Linda, love ya and take care!

  2. You’re so right! I used to think that my life would be easier if I had a physical abnormality that meant I was occasionally bleeding for no obvious reason. At least then people can see and have an obvious point of reference for the source of the pain, and wouldn’t doctor’s visits be much easier? Unfortunately life isn’t like that.

    As for Christians – there are bad eggs in every religion. Some of us think it’s OK to do whatever we want and then ask for forgiveness once a week in church for the same mistakes and commit the same sins over and over. Personally I believe that what goes around comes around. I expect at some point she will learn tolerance the hard way.

    Try not to let it get to you.

  3. Endochick,

    I’m really sorry your co-worker did the eyeroll routine that too many of us with chronic illnesses have seen. 😦

    As far as her professed religious beliefs are concerned, how people choose to label themselves and how they conduct themselves don’t always match. I agree that there are “bad eggs” in every religion. Some of the biggest hypocrites I have ever met are people who engaged in lots of *talk* about following xyz religion (fill in the blank with a given organized religion here) but who did not act in a manner consistent with their professed beliefs.


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