Time for a new campaign?

It’s not March. I know this. Yet, I sit here pouring over my Statcounter, viewing my recent hits, and realize the various campaigns this blog, and others with me, have run in the past 3 years continue to get daily hits!

Of course, some of the letter writing campaigns are ongoing. As they should be. The more call for awareness we can get out there, the better.

So I sit here wondering 1) is it time to run another endometriosis campaign? 2) If so, what kind? 3) Who is what is the target?

Please send ideas to my Facebook page (Endo Chick), leave them as blog comments, or through e-mail (endochick80 @ gmail.com).

When I have some good ideas, I will blog them and we can choose a summer campaign!

Looking forward to reading your suggestions!


3 responses to “Time for a new campaign?

  1. YES!! I believe our opportunity is now. We, the Endo Community, are in a prime position to make our numbers and our voices heard.
    I believe NARAL/Pro Choice, Planned Parenthood and the various Pro Life Groups are both in dire need of support. The 2012 Campaign can be our vehicle to secure promises and Legislation for Endometriosis Health Care, Treatments and most importantly research for a future cure.
    In 2000 the Endometriosis Research Center held a campaign to assist Planned Parenthood for AB2028, then again in 2002 with Congressional Resolution 291. We do have the voices and the votes to affect Legislation for Women’s Health specifically Endo.
    Thank you for posting this blog! I reference you in mine all the time!

  2. Opportunity is always present. And, I agree, our ever-growing voices are boosting the power of what we can do!

    For me, I want to see a campaign that goes beyond the medical aspects, ramifications and outcomes of endo. Where do women go to get mental, emotional and spiritual support in their journey with endo? How are the powers that currently be (e.g. the foundations and reputable practices) addressing that level of care or partnering with practitioners who want to do this work? As a professional coach, I’ve made (and will continue) to make efforts to bring attention to the nonphysical impact of endo. It’s been an uphill climb though. The medical cure seems to demand and get all of the attention when it comes to treatment. But it is vital to treat and care for the human being and the human experience that are having simultaneously with their physical experience.

    Mentor programs, coaching programs, physical engagement events, live support groups. Women like me are out there trying to offer this support, but it’s slow going and disconnected due to the sheer mass of attention on the medical. Our ladies need some TLC for their hearts and souls to complement the TLC they’re getting for their bodies.

  3. I live in the UK and feel your frustration here. I can’t help but wish there were more doctors doing more research on the illness. I wish there were a way to entice more resources to the problem: the more research, the better the pain medication, the better pain management tools, and the closer a cure.

    There are so many of us, if we stick together we can achieve anything.

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