Go ahead… ask Endochick

First, to the readers who have been posting me lately with no reply, I apologize. I have been AFK on business and need to now check back in to virtual reality. If “checking in to virtual reality” is something a person can do…

Anyway. Formalities aside…. I would like to celebrate my years of blogging and helping women by giving back.

I will be working on a series of posts based on reader questions. Submit them to me via e-mail or comment on this post. It is that simple. Do you have questions about treatment options, navigating health care… endometrisos, chronic pain, or caring for someone with a chronic condition? ASK!

And the best questions may make it into an even cooler future venture of mine… shhh… spoilers.

Get this post out there. Tweet it. Retweet it. Facebook it. Digg it… whatever.


3 responses to “Go ahead… ask Endochick

  1. You give back with every blog post you write.

    I have endo as well… and a myriad of other things that are somewhat related in my mind [not necessarily according to the MD’s]. And I’m 25. I don’t really have much faith in western medicine at this point in my life so I have explored many options to achieve health and happiness. With the more research and experimentation I do, I have found that I am extremely chemically sensitive. I hadn’t linked this to endo until I started to find articles linking the two. So I slowly removed as many chemical exposures in my life that I could. And gradually, I have felt better and better. But as my endo gets worse, I seem to be becoming more and more chemically sensitive. So I am wondering if this is something you’ve explored? And if so, any good ideas?

    • Thanks for the question, Sara! I am eager to answer this one as it’s a topic I’m exploring on my own for Tue same reasons! Look for a response as a new blog post.

  2. I had my uterus removed 4 years ago do to endo. Now I will be having my ovaries removed do to endo cysts. I am having issues of bleeding ( fresh and old blood) along with milky discharge. I also feel sick when this happens along with sharp pains. I am also losing more hair than normal for me and running low grade temps off and on. Please tell me is this all do to the endo or could there be something else going on?

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