As the clock nears 12:00 and 2012 creeps in like a shadow playing on my wall, I will be eagerly awaiting a new year. Hopefully 2012 will find all of us glorious opportunities. 

It’s not my custom to “announce” resolutions until I’ve woken on New Year’s Day, doused myself with caffeine, and let out a good yawn. But there are two I wanted to share because I’m beyond excited! 

Resolution #1 – Try a bit harder to reply to e-mails, FB requests, and Ask Endochick e-mails sooner than I currently am. I have found in the past two years, that the time allotted in my life for blogging has DRASTICALLY diminished. I hate this! How about you? I am going to earnestly give it a go next year and get my buns on here more 🙂 

Resolution #2 – An EBook is in the works. Right now it’s in concept and development. The tentative title: The Safe Endo Patient. Right now, I would love your input on topics. I have a general outline, but I really want to include topics relevant to my readers. Feel free to comment here, on Facebook, or via e-mail. I have some time to commit to an outline, but don’t like keeping publishers waiting. I am eager to begin working on this when 2012 drops. 

I’m off for now. Time to get busy ringing in the New Year! My hope for each of you is a healthier and happier 2012 🙂 


And remember – everything on this blog is copyrighted at ALL TIMES. My ideas are MY ideas. Plagiarism will be swiftly dealt with via the legal system. 


3 responses to “Resolutions

  1. I had no idea that you have been so sick! Prayers for you that 2012 is one of healing and strength!

  2. I really like your blog and the courage to share. An E-Book is a great idea seeing as you have so much to share and your readers can relate. Wishing you all the best in 2012… I’ll be sure to drop by again.

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