Endometriosis Awareness Month: Sometimes there’s no sleep without the heat

If there is one thing (among the many, many things) we “endo sisters” have in common, it is the familiar pangs of a sleepless night. It’s either the pulsating, mind-numbing, ache that resists conventional pain medication. Or the annoying stitch near the ovary, a tiny cramp in just the right spot making sleep pointless.

My trusted friend the heating pad – or as I have taken to calling it, Decalescent Darcy (because heating pads are hot and Collin Firth (as either Fitzpatrick Darcy or Mark Darcy) is one hot specimen of man), has kept me company many, many nights. 

I’ve written on here before about my Endofemm pad and I still love it! There are days I use Decalescent Darcy every night. And it was brought to my attention a couple years back that cold therapy works wonders for endometriosis pain. And thankfully I can freeze my Endofemm pad. It’s like my Swiss Army knife for pain 🙂 

It’s on nights like I mentioned at the top of this post – when I’m miserable and messy, drugged and in front of the television plugged into mindless programming (often the kind that runs in the wee hours is nothing but mindless dribble), that the comfort of my heating pad is welcome and helpful. 


3 responses to “Endometriosis Awareness Month: Sometimes there’s no sleep without the heat

  1. You are lucky heat/cold therapy works for you. It makes no difference to my pain.

  2. Hello Endochick! With as much use as your EndoFEMM gets, I’m sure you may need a replacement by now? How would you like to try our new version with fantastic built-in Velcro straps that are super comfortable and hold up amazingly well. If interested, drop us a line at pelvicpainsolutions@surewest.net and we’ll take care of you. Love your blog!

  3. I’m in the same boat as Ellia… my pain is resistant to heat, cold, and meds. I was in a position to utilize birth control on a 24-7 basis to help curb the pain of endo. Now my pain is back and I find it almost unbearable and often debilitating; especially with a total lack of sleep.

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