Oh, I had no idea it would suck this bad!!

This post contains gynecological subject matter and may be unsuitable for some people. Please read at your own discretion.

When I failed to get the Mirena reinserted, I had no idea the consequences that would cause.

I knew there was a chance my period would return. Yes, of course, I know how these things work. Remove the constant stream of hormones, uterine lining rebuilds, you get a menstrual cycle. Easy. I can handle one of those, right? How back could just one be, after all, I had skipped 5 years worth and one couldn’t be that bad, and it was highly unlikely that gobs of endometriosis would spring up and attack my pelvic organs in one measly little month.

What I failed to consider, though, was the other reason the Mirena and it’s constant stream of period-stopping hormones were so important for my daily function – dysautonomia.

Like so many other women, my dysautonomia is aggravated by the hormonal fluctuations and mineral loss a menstrual cycle brings.

Monday, while working, I went to grab my lunch and head to the break room. It was when I turned to grab my Kindle that I dropped to the ground. My heart was skipping furiously, I could not breath. I was suddenly so weak I couldn’t move from the floor. I sat there for ten minutes, until a co-worker came by and noticed me. Thinking I needed to eat, that somehow that would make me feel better, I had this person ready my food and sit with me while I ate it. After doing so, the dizziness wasn’t as strong so I tried standing. Immediately, I dropped once again and my husband was phoned. It was bad. So bad that I had to be wheeled to the car.

I got home, managed to hang on to my poor husband as he carried me into the house, and I slept all afternoon and half of the evening. I felt so exhausted. I needed help getting to the bathroom and couldn’t take care of myself.

Yesterday, I was slightly better but not 100%. I awoke. I went to the bathroom. There I discovered why the dysautonomia – which I’ve been dealing with since July! – was suddenly so bad: my period.

I’m on day 2 and I’m still exhausted. The cramping isn’t terrible (I fear, though, that now I’ve said so it will become bad!). No mood swings or cravings. Actually, my appetite is rather non-existent. The feeling-full-with-very-little-food side effect of dysautonomia has kicked in big time.

The Mirena reinsertion is being attempted again on Monday. I’m hoping my BP doesn’t drop too much so they can get it in. I’m going to instruct them to force the bugger in even if I’m blacked out. I don’t care.


2 responses to “Oh, I had no idea it would suck this bad!!

  1. so when you were on the mirena the symptoms were better? im just finding out about dysautonomia and i am looking to aleviate the worsening of the menstrual symptoms!

    • Eunice,

      I have Mirena now, for the second time. With the Mirena, my endometriosis symptoms are more bearable, yes. But your response to the medication dispensed from the coil will determine how your endometriosis responses and how your body handles it. Some women love the Mirena, others don’t. Personally, Mirena has stopped my menstrual periods. This helps manage any period related symptoms.

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