Just when you think you have answers…

Now that I’ve had time to collect my thoughts, I wanted to update this blog on the current neurology madness I’ve been living in.

As previous posts stated, I was told I had retribulbar optic neuritis and sent on to my neurologist. After a nightmare involving misplaced test results, I went through craziness to get an MRI. The MRI didn’t show optic neuritis, but due to my symptoms increasing, it was ruled as such (called too early to show up on MRI) and I was started on a 3 day course of IV Solumedrol which was supposed to be followed by two weeks of tapering doses of oral prednisone.

Well, the steroids have spiked my blood sugar, giving me a TERRIBLE sore throat, my legs are quivering and achy and crampy!! After hearing from my neurologist, I was told to stop the medicine cold turkey. I am worried about doing so because I have Hashimoto’s. How is this going to mess with my thyroid??

And it also leaves us with some major questions. What is causing the eye problem? The steroids helped my eye pain, but not the color saturation or blind spot. We have no idea now what is going on. And that scares me. Add to that this hippicampus sclerosis the MRI found. Yeah, I’m just livin’ it up now.

Too much stress. Too many questions. Too many side effects. Not enough answers.


3 responses to “Just when you think you have answers…

  1. Endochick,
    I hope this all gets sorted out soon! Thinking of you!

  2. Endochick,
    I hope it all gets sorted out soon! Thinking of you!

    • Thank you Jeanne. It has been sorted and I will be posting s blog post later when my day starts slowing down.

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