This post contain neurological and gynecological medical subject matter (“women issues”). If this does not interest you, please do not read.

I realize that if the act of keeping this blog were a relationship, I would have sent the dreaded Dear John letter ages ago. My visits to this place have been infrequent and the blog must feel neglected. Thankfully, when I look at my stats, my readers have not abandoned me. Thank you so much!

Quick update since the last post: The poisonous steroids have been purged from my system. The side effects I was experiencing, aside from an increase in hip pain, have receded. After seeing the Neuro-Ophthalmologist, it was determined that I was experience migraines and seizure from the temporal lobe region – all a result of the hippocampal sclerosis. Now that I am back on the Topamax, or in the process of titrating up, the hope is that the medication will be a solution for both.

Endometriosis Update: 

If you are unfamiliar with the previous posts regarding my recent adventures with the Mirena IUD, I suggest you read the following posts before reading this next section: Mirena Removal Time & Mirena Insertion/Optic Neuritis (you really only need to read the part regarding Mirena).

Roughly a little over 1 month lapsed between having the Mirena removed and having one reinserted. Unfortunately, this meant my cycle returned. Having read numerous e-mails over the years from Mirena users, I knew my chances of a period returning in the first month were a gamble. Some women had to start taking birth control pills to resume their cycles, while others began bleeding at the time of removal (which you will for a day or so – and this is normal) and not stop for weeks. I knew going into it that I knew enough to know not to expect anything. But I did get my period after 3 weeks, and while the pain wasn’t bad, the moods were miserable, and my dysautonomia couldn’t handle it.

Now fast forward to a month post-insertion. I was seen yesterday for a work related visit and the nurse notes a low blood pressure, that I am pale, that my pulse is borderline. She recommends my hemoglobin is checked. I see no need for this, nor does the doctor, because the only period I’ve had in 5 years was only 7 days and wasn’t that heavy.

Saturday morning finds me tired. (This whole week’s found me tired after sleeping 8-9 hours a night!) As the morning stretches on, I find myself growing weak from the inside out. I feel that I’m pulled down from the chest – as if someone has tethered a weight to my breastbone and dropped the lead down a bottomless shaft, and now I’m trailing behind it, blazing away, unable to stop as I fall. My head feels… feels… shaky. Or wobbly. Or messy. It’s heavy and it hurts, but it’s not a headache. And it’s not a migraine.

The afternoon comes and moments of clarity slip in. I think this is just the Topamax. Welcome to the Topamax Trip, enjoy the ride! Then I go to the bathroom. Then I discover….that evil… little…”friend.” Just a little bit. Enough to ruin my day.

So far it’s been a few spotting episodes, but I’m sure those were just scouting parties. The full out battle has yet to be seen.

Regardless, feeling like this and then experiencing the painful realization that I am being charged for 2 Mirena’s + 2 doctor’s fees  + 2 surgical rooms = not very happy (especially if I’m going to pretty much be a mess every month even WITH THIS THING IN ME!!!)


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