The tube…

I am scheduled for an MRI today. Frequent readers just know how I love getting these. 

This is for an old injury that isn’t healing. It isn’t healing because we really don’t know what’s wrong with it. We’ve run the gamut from broken to sprain to torn tendon to broken again, and now we are at a loss. And frankly I could care less. I just want to get back to working out. 

My pants are getting tight. My shirts are snug. I’ve gained about 8 lbs and I’m miserable. 

I’m a healthy lifestyle person –  and I know, for a chronically ill person, that means a lot! But it helps. It really does! Exercise and eating right. This isn’t just a mantra, people. It really does increase the effectiveness of those pills or other therapies your doctor(s) prescribe. If your doctor(s) suggest getting fit and eating less fast food, it’s not just their usual spiel. Okay? Do it.  

Anyway, I like working out. Running. Yoga. My elliptical machine. Swimming. I was all geared up for hitting those Mega Man runs and marathons this season, too. Then this injury happens and I’m sidelined on the couch. 

Hey, as much as I enjoy playing video games, I don’t need 4 months worth. 

And who knows what is going on with the hip! I could walk out of that MRI suite with something worse than a sprain. How long will that take to heal? How long will I then be left admiring all the runners trekking past my house? 



3 responses to “The tube…

  1. Endochick,

    Good luck!


  2. I sure hope your doctors figure out the cause of your hip problems. It must be extremely frustrating to have that nagging pain and not knowing where it stems from.

    I am claustrophobic so MRIs just don’t…I can’t find the right word but let’s just say it’s just not for me. I needed to get it once for my ovarian cysts and I think once is already more than I’d like.

    I do hope this will help you get on the path to recovery 🙂 I am pretty active as well but since surgery, I’ve been feeling like a bird in a cage as of late because there is much I can do…but I digress.

    I hope all turns out well. Cheers.

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