Migraine Madness

Can I have a calm Saturday? One in which I sit and write, a coffee in hand, some soft music playing? 

After spending a lovely morning and afternoon with family, shopping, eating, visiting – the inevitable happens. Of course, doesn’t it always! A migraine. Or what I am assuming is a migraine. Or a variant of. 

I’m hitting the deck and hoping it hasn’t ruined what is left of this day/night. I would like to get some writing done. How much? Not sure. But some would be nice. I have a goal for this major project I’m working on to be finished by the end of July. (And I can see that date fast approaching and my goal slipping past unmet!) Then it’s time to begin on the book based on this blog! This project is cooking and boiling over. I’m so excited to begin it!! 

First things first… hitting the deck and getting rid of this nasty headache/neck ache. 


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