everything will be okay

Today was momentous, on small scale sort of way. 

I left my research institution, severing ties and affiliations with them. Mid-study. I will get to finish the study at a later date. This was my choice. It was time to go. New opportunities are peaking on the horizon, and being there… it took too much time and energy from where it needs to be right now. Healing. 

On a positive note… the whole day I sat saying my farewells to people I’ve grown to care about. And that nervous energy grew in the pit of my stomach. Was I doing the right thing after all? 

At the end of the day, I had one last meeting set up. All these questions were asked that I had to answer regarding compliance and “my stay” there (as if it were a hotel). It seemed surreal that I was leaving this place. 2 years ago I had walked in there, began my job, my research, with all hope for it to continue on to… something more. I guess. 

As I stepped off the lift and into the lobby (the meeting was held off site in a business complex), I felt unsteady and unsure. It was over. Really over. 

Then I looked up. 

Across the walkway a glass window front displayed, “everything will be okay”. 

It will, I told myself. And I smiled. And I walked past the glass and felt lighter. It will be okay. 


2 responses to “everything will be okay

  1. Sometimes the universe sends you the answer, in the form of a fortunre cookie or a window sign even.
    I agree with the window. ((*_*))

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