On Fire

I’m fed up with seizure auras!

This week has been extremely miserable for me. I’ve had very little sleep and this causes a major problem if you have epilepsy. Lack of sleep is not your friend.

For reasons completely out of my control, I’ve been up until past midnight most nights. One night I survived on a scant 3 hours of sleep. Boy, was that fun.

Add in monthly hormones – yeah, nice of my Mirena to not work so well this month (thanks!) – and I’m just a mess. There is evidence that the fluctuation in hormones during a woman’s cycle increases seizure activity. Because I need something else to pile on this week. Lack of sleep. Hormones.

So what should inevitably come?  MORE AURAS! This, for me, is the simple partial seizure — the smell. This is the warning before the storm. And I can get one that lasts a few seconds to a minute, and that’s it. If I’m super duper lucky, that is. Which I SELDOM am. Nope. Mine usually come all day in bursts. They leave me exhausted with a weird headache over my right ear to the temple region. I’ll feel disoriented and tired, but I can’t sleep. And then, on the worst days, I’ll start missing chunks of time.

If that ever happens to you – think alien abduction, time flying past you – it freaks you out. A few weeks ago, I remember going into a local store and then the next thing I was in my car, empty handed. I had to walk back in, like an idiot, and buy what I came there to get in the first place.

Then, once I left my car running while I ran into the library. Two days later, when I went into the grocery, I left the keys in the car. Those are probably from stress or lack of sleep, but they came after four days of rapid and repeated auras. My brain felt fried and it probably was!

This is scary stuff. And I’m hoping my visit with the neurologist this month goes smoothly. My meds needs increased. This dose is way too low, I’m sure.


One response to “On Fire

  1. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It will always be exciting to read articles from other authors and practice something from other websites.

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