I’m Awake :(

I managed, roughly, 60 minutes of sleep last night. That is a rough estimate. And this came in spurts of ten-15 minutes between muscle spasm and pain. My hip and leg are killing me still. I can’t even think straight! 

Pain medicine – I’m referring to the good stuff only a doctor can prescribe! – is barely touching it. Or so I thought. I was laying in bed thinking the medication wasn’t working until it wore completely off. OMG! I about died. I was crying and shivering. It was like a post-op pain. I had to be helped to the couch, fed, and re-medicated. In the middle of the night. 

I’m now exhausted. And I was already exhausted. I had one decent night of sleep last night since the husband returned from his business trip. Between the seizures and this leg pain, I don’t think I’m meant to sleep anymore!! I’m so tired! 


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