A Post in 2 Parts (Endometriosis & Thyroid Biopsy)

There is so much to pack in this post, I’m sure I will miss something!

Part 1: Endometriosis – 

I’m not experiencing that blissful absence of pain I had with my last round of Mirena. My pelvis is constantly tender. I’ve had periods, but they are light and inconsistent. They are really annoying! I just hurt all the time. I’m a walking heating pad vixen anymore. There’s not much else I can at this point, either. Many medications are not options for me. And I don’t want a hysterectomy. I guess I’m complaining now, aren’t I? Sorry. I don’t mean to complain. I don’t. Maybe that’s what I need, though. To just poor out a little belly achin’ and move on.

Part 2: Thyroid Biopsy – 

I have thyroid biopsy scheduled in the morning and I’m freaking out!! I have 2 nodules that are solid and growing. My doc has been watching them and she’s not happy. I think I’ve written about them already, but I’m can’t remember. I’m too lazy to back track and look right now. She already gave me to 5 types of thyroid cancer speech, which really made me feel comfortable! Right! And I’ve heard the biopsy is going to hurt. I’ll be sedated with Valluim. This will be good since the nodules are in the back of my thyroid and will be HARD to reach. I’m so scared. I already have a hard time swallowing, so the thought of doctors poking around my throat with a needle doesn’t sound fun. And when I had a fine needle biopsy on my breast many years ago, I bled so badly that they bound me up like a mummy! I can’t imagine my neck being like that!!

Dear readers, please send me happy thoughts and prayers. I will need them.


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  1. outstanding work. see you,

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