Let’s Talk Endo Book

I was speaking with an old colleague the other day day about Kickstarter, a funding website that helps users gain backing for their projects. I’ve been considering starting a Kickstarter for the Endometriosis book — depending on how I decide to publish it — to get the needed financial backing. Let’s be realistic and talk numbers, shall we.

I’m not even talking about the time involved in writing the book. I’m talking the editing and publishing costs. I believe our community deserves a quality product. The final book will go through my standard editor. For projects like this, I’m sure I can get a break (still a break isn’t free – mind you).

I’m hesitant to go the traditional route, as this can take YEARS to find a publisher. You have to query book agents and publishers, and are unlikely to hear back for MONTHS. I want this book to be accessible not out there collecting dust.

I could slap it up on Amazon. But not everyone has a Kindle. Download the Kindle App for your Smartphone or computer? Easy enough, but not everyone likes reading a book on their computer or a tiny phone screen. Some people enjoy holding a flexible book in their hands. Again, I want this accessible to everyone. So, yes, it will be on Amazon for the Kindle. But how can I also get it in paperback?

Problem. Unless you go the tradition route, trade paperbacks through print-on-demands cost money. I’ve done some research and I believe there are some companies out there that don’t charge an arm and a leg anymore. Probably thanks to the e-book model.

With a Kickstarter, I can raise funds to support the initial set-up fee these places charge to print the book. Any marketing fees and editing fees I will have as well will be covered by that money.

There will be bonuses for Kickstarter supporters (those who donate and at different levels). These levels will be ultra cheap too (5-10 US dollars – I’m not raising funds for an Army. This is a book.)

BTW – if you or someone you know have had experiences (good or bad) with Kickstarter, please e-mail me endochick80 @ gmail.com

While I’m mentioning Amazon in this post – As we head into the Holiday shopping season, and even as you prep for Halloween shopping, if you tend to do on-line shopping and head over to Amazon — Consider doing so through the banner at ChronicHealing.com. It’s located on the right side of the page.  Thanks!

As always, I can’t thank my readers enough for your continued support. Your emails and comments on this blog are wonderful. Thank you so much!


6 responses to “Let’s Talk Endo Book

  1. It’s actually a great and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I would love to buy your book, especially as it’s one written by an endometriosis sufferer, do let me know if you decided to kickstart this – and don’t forget postal options for us international visitors 🙂

  3. I would love this! Eager to see your progress!

  4. Endochick, I have also considered writing a book about endo. I am a new follower to this blog post. I was diagnosed with endo in march and I have tried the lupron depot and now I am in a new study. So when I sit down to write my book it will be over how i survived endo and what i went through with these new drugs and treatments. So with my background with being active with endo and helping doctors discover new treatment and drugs if you have any questions i would be excited to answer them for your book. I’m sure you have a lot of information yourself but new eyes on the up coming treatments is the view I hold. Thanks for reading 🙂
    Samantha Paris

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