For the past 2 weeks or so, I can’t honestly remember (which may be the scariest part), I have been tuckered out. It began as a gradual tired. The kind where you tire more easily, or you feel you stayed up a tad too late the night before. That kind.

But it gradually worsened with time. Now I’m on my couch with a laptop, every day, struggling to work in between my body forcing down from exhaustion. I have no reason to be exhausted, though! My spleen, which has been tender since the IV Solumedrol in May is now very tender and getting painful. And this morning I am finding simple tasks to be downright tiring — loading the dishwasher, pouring coffee, too tiring. Even writing this post, I just want to log off, shut the laptop, roll over, and watch the television.

I hate to admit that I watch a channel yesterday not because I wanted to, but because I was too tired to reach for the remote. I know the drill. Call the doctor. I don’t want to. My hip feels swollen and tender and painful, and I wonder if the pain from that (which has been bothering me) if just dragging me down. I see the specialist on Monday and I’m REALLY trying to hold out until then.

Then again, it could be a metabolic issue or a thyroid issue. The Topamax is known to cause hyponatremia, and I have had that before with this medicine. But no spleen issues with that.

I’ll hop into the doctor’s if I feel worse. Or slosh in, seeing as I have absolutely no energy to hop into anywhere.


7 responses to “Tired

  1. You are not alone… I have endometriosis that has taken me out of commission right now too, and I’m sleeping around 12-14 hours a day

  2. I wass messaged about your steroids post. I was on them for very short time, maybe a week and I was literally like the green hulk, my anger just coming out of nowhere and truly wanting to strike out. I have refused to take them since.

    • Because of my autoimmune issues, I don’t handle them. I had to take them because I was losing my eye sight and have no choice. It was ROUGH! And my body took a hit that I felt for weeks after! I hate them.

  3. Add me into the “always tired” camp too. Endometriosis is always weighing me down with chronic fatigue. The only thing I still find a little bit hurtful is people saying how tired they are around me, when they clearly don’t have an idea of what I’m going through.

    I’d love my tiredness to be normal again. Because I’d had a busy day or missed a few hours sleep. Not for no reason like it is all the time now.

  4. I’ve been super tired lately. I’ve been sleeping so much more. Could be anemia. I’ve got endometriosis and chronic fatigue. The pain has gotten worse lately. Wondering if I should get another laparoscopy again soon (had one in 2003).

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