My Endofemm hit the dust

Major bummer. My Endofemm heating pad has finally, after nearly 4 years of constant usage, bit the dust. And I’m mourning it’s loss in a mega way.

I first wrote about it in this post My Endofemm…. gaaaaawwwww *sigh*. That’s when I bought the pad. I use it for all sorts of discomforts — not just endometriosis! My husband has even used the pad.

While heating it this morning  — for spleen pain (my spleen’s been bothering me since the solumedrol IV’s in May) — I smelled a burning smell.  I figured I was having a seizure and carried on.

Then, after using the pad, I noticed what looked like the remnants of kernel fragments — burnt kernels — all over my couch when I stood up. I thought this was from my multi grain toast (I’m can be rather messy, okay!), so I casually brushed the crumby things away and reheated the pad. That’s when I noticed an even stronger burning smell. This time I was sure this wasn’t a seizure burning smell and was, in fact, coming from the microwave because it was really strong.

What I found was a burnt hole in the fabric of my Endofemm pad! A hole! 😦 Now I’m without my favorite portable heating pad. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks.


5 responses to “My Endofemm hit the dust

  1. Oh no! I just lost one, too, because I have two foster dogs at the moment and one just couldn’t resist the wonderful smell of (pop) corn and tore it open. Luckily I have a second one. I hope you can get another one quickly!

  2. Hi there, endochick! One of our customers actually alerted us to your post and we want to help you get another EndoFEMM Pad. Since you purchased one many years ago, we have since changed from corn to flax seed along with adding some nifty built-in Velcro straps and fantastic new fabric. If you truly want another corn instead of flax, we’ll be happy to make you one. Contact us directly at and we’ll get all your info and send you one out – free of charge! Keep blogging and thanks for being a fan! (B. Gray, President, Pelvic Pain Solutions)

  3. Unlucky 😦 Like you I rely on small comforts such as this to keep going and it’s heartbreaking when they are no longer an option. I hope you find some comfort soon!

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