The Healing Comfort of Heat

To have the relief of comforting heat again… it’s priceless. Regular readers know that my EndoFEMM heating pad bit the dust recently (My Endofemm hit the dust). As readers commented on the post, the news got back to EndoFEMM’s creator Babette Gray, who promptly contacted me and graciously offered to replace the pad with a newer version. I couldn’t believe it! Thank you again, Babette for your assistance in getting a new pad out to me, and so quickly!

The new EndoFEMM pad is filled with flax seed versus the bulky corn kernels that I was used to. At first I wasn’t sure how I would like this. Would the heating be as strong or even? I have used the heating pad three times since it arrived on my doorstep, and believe me, the heating hasn’t failed once! The flax seeds provide a steady and even heat. And unlike how the corn kernels had been heating in my older pad before it burned up (hmm… go figure), the flax seed temperature is a comforting, temperate heat, not a blistering heat.

The fabric on this new pad, too, is a great improvement. The older pad had a fleece cover, which is soft. But the new cover is a pillowy, downy fabric that is gentle to the touch. It’s just softer than the fleece fabric, that, to be honest, pilled up after a year or so of being heated in the microwave.

And finally, the adjustable straps. The older EndoFEMM pad had removable pads that clipped on. I had the pad for a few months before I lost one of my straps. I considered buying replacements straps, but since I misplace straggling parts all the time — I tend to avoid buying things that come with attachable parts due to this fact — I never bothered. Just the fact that I wasn’t attached to a wall outlet with this heating pad was a welcome change. (After years being chained to the couch or bed, a traditional heating pad clutched to my stomach, this cordless version was nice.) So when I unwrapped this newer, strap-sewn-on version, I was impressed. I love it! Now I can’t misplace the straps. And there’s no hard plastic bits to rub against when you roll over, or strap to tangle up. I am really pleased with this new feature.

Overall, the fact that my old EndoFEMM pad — which I used for countless hours of endometriosis pain relief (among other uses!) — keeled over was a blessing. This newer version is a highly improved upgrade on what was already a wonderful product for women suffering from endometriosis and pelvic pain.

Now onto a much deserved… and hopefully pain free… nap…


5 responses to “The Healing Comfort of Heat

  1. That is awesome! Kudos to Babette! Hoping you’re more comfortable now too!

  2. That is awesome!

  3. Hello Endochick! This is Babette of Pelvic Pain Solutions. I have another pad I want you to try filled with your favorite corn. We have also delved into aromatherapy blends that really mix well with the corn. So many cute prints to choose from. Contact me directly at!

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