Staying Over

I’m currently on holiday. Of sorts, that is. I’m with family. Staying at family’s house.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I’m actually enjoying my stay. Well, 80% of it.

1) Having to tote my own food due to dietary restrictions is a pain.
2) Not having access to my at-home comforts (heating pads, warm baths, etc.) is rough.
3) while I love staying up late playing games, laughing and hanging out, I know my body will pay for this later.

It’s a weekend getaway. So I’m hoping my fumes will hold out. I’m heading home in the morn’. Then I have at least one Ask Endochick post planned for tomorrow.

Unless I’m too exhausted to type.


One response to “Staying Over

  1. Thank you EC for this post! I shared with my wife and she can absolutely relate. I (WE) appreciate your blog and the info. you share.

    Jeff and Mary

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