Bone Scans… Injections… Oh My

It’s on… I guess.

2012 isn’t over yet, so my doctor must make it go out with a bang. My sheer exhaustion isn’t enough. He must send me for bones scans and injections. Fun. Fun. Fun.

This is a bone scan:

During the procedure, a radioactive die is injected into your vein. This tracer attaches to your bones and signals sites of high or low bone turn over. This can point to various conditions — breaks, cancer, arthritis… various things. Depending on your symptoms and history, your doctor will know the next step.
The worst parts are getting a shot (which wasn’t bad) and lying still for over an hour while this flat camera hovers above you.

It wasn’t bad, though. I got to watch my body light up like a Christmas tree. Not sure if this was good or bad thing.

I have other injections awaiting me next week. Not looking forward to it. Not at all. I’m really too tired for this business. And too busy.

I can’t even formulate a proper response to this attractive women with endometriosis study! Have you seen or heard about this?!? Oh my! If you haven’t, I urge you to catch up with Jeanne’s post over at As always, her writing is spot on.


4 responses to “Bone Scans… Injections… Oh My

  1. Interesting, thank you for sharing! My wife had to do the dye process when she had her gall bladder removed but this is the first time I’ve seen or heard of a bone scan. Good luck to you…i cant imagine how crazy this is for you. Though some might consider hanging this on a wall as art?!

    • Thanks, Jeff. That’s not my scan — just an image I found on the net. I don’t have my results yet. I’m hoping to get something tomorrow while at hospital for my injection. I had contemplated using my MRI films as some form of art — turning them into prints — but I’m not a fashion designer. It would be cool, though, to wear your brain MRI on your tee. Well. I think so, at least.

  2. Endochick,

    I’m so, so sorry for your pain and I hope you get relief from it soon. I also hope you get relief from the fatigue! I know you have really been struggling with fatigue and that makes everything difficult. I hope that you have some major progress soon. I know you’re (understandably) frustrated.

    Thank you for referring people to my post about that sad excuse for an endometriosis “study”. I think it’s telling that the study authors have since posted a “clarification” online (of their intentions with that study). To me, it sounds like they are operating on the defense.

    All I know is that any “endometriosis study” that has the word “attractiveness” in the study title is not looking at what I believe is important! I’d like to see studies looking at whether endometriosis can be prevented (say whether genetic predisposition can be prevented from expressing as symptoms by altering environment… epigenetics studies), how endometriosis can be diagnosed earlier/easier, how treatment options can be improved, and of course whether endometriosis can someday be cured.

    The emphasis of that study on the perceived physical attractiveness of study subjects (among other mind-boggling things) absolutely blew my mind and I felt compelled to write something commenting on it. Thanks for the shout-out.


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