Are We Having Fun Yet?

At the risk of rehashing a long story…

The side/spleen pain my doctor swore was a broken rib is rib inflammation from a  3 day  course of IV Solumedrol I had this summer (or so we assume). Since that is a steroid, and steroids usually treat inflammation… yeah,  I am lost, too.

Nevertheless, many months later I find myself being treated with Mobic (since a corrective steroid shot wouldn’t be advised here) – an anti-inflammatory. Makes sense. The prescribing doctor asked me if I could take Ibuprofen, which I can handle in small doses. This stuff must be Ibuprofen’s big daddy! After four days on it, I’m having major auras and I’m terrified I’ll have a full blown seizure.

On a brighter note, I’m working on a new “Ask Endochick” post from a regular reader. Steve needs advice about supporting a loved one/spouse with endometriosis. While I compile my post, if any readers have suggestions, leave them here and I’ll include them!


5 responses to “Are We Having Fun Yet?

  1. Steve could get a copy of Dr Andrew Cook’s book : Stop Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain, what every woman and her Doctor need to know …. It has much information on supporting a patient with Endo. Even some comments from our patient’s spouses. Available on Amazon under $20.

  2. I so dislike reading your blog – it bummed me out and made me cry.
    I’m slouched on the couch with terrible GI pains which I get every night from the GI dysmotility trying to do some endometriosis research for my SSDi reconsideration application and I came across your engaging, well done blog.
    I too have dysautonomia resulting in POTS, NMH, GI dysmotility and a host of other circulatory issues all of which stem from TBI sustained in a car accident in 2007 for which I’m now living life from a power wheelchair. Add to that chronic pain from spine and knee injuries sustained in the USMC and a few autoimmune thingies and I can totally relate to your posts.
    Best of luck to you and keep writing. I wish you had a better support system at home – I don’t think I could handle it without my Husband.

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  4. I got the rib pains too for years, and my gynecologist kept telling me it had nothing to do with endo. Then I read Bob Flaws’ Endometriosis and Infertility and Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Laywoman’s Guide. In it, he describes this symptom as a certain aspect of endo, specifically a liver imbalance.

    After I read the book, I started seeing a Chinese medicine doctor to treat my endo. When I had those side aches again recently she gave me an herb which stopped that pain immediately.

    Bon courage!

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