Surgery Tomorrow

This is a non-endometriosis post. Continue reading after the break…

I’m having surgery tomorrow whether I want it or not. I’ve been trying to get around it, but no luck.

I  keep  going between spinal anesthesia with mild sedation (I won’t feel anything but will breathe on my own)  and general. My previous history with  general — awareness and shaking after surgery — makes a spinal tempting; however, someone sent me information on spinals causing heart attacks. If adverse reactions occur with general, they stop the medicine and you wake up. with a spinal, the medicine has to gradually wear off.

This is a huge decision.


2 responses to “Surgery Tomorrow

  1. Hope everything goes really, really well.
    wish you the best of luck, that everything goes just as its supposed to, without complications.
    are you sure you can wake up immediatly from a general anesthesia? I dont think so..
    they all have pros and cons, unfortunately.
    with spinal + sedation will you be aware of whats happening? can you handle that stress?
    its very personal, you should choose the one that makes you feel safer and more calm.
    and keep this in mind: tomorrow it will be done! free!

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