Post-op & Recovery

This is a non-endometriosis post. Continue reading after the break…

Day 1 Surgery: 

My husband and I arrived at the hospital, checked in, signed forms and all that tedious before surgery business. Surgery was scheduled for 11:30, nurse said arrive at 9:00 and I was early at 8:40. And being early was a good thing.

The intake nurse was still doing vitals and confirming my extensive medical history and drug allergies when the OR nurse came to collect me! It was 9:30!!! I wasn’t ready; I started panicking! I didn’t even have an IV, let alone the calming Versed the OR nurse was asking if I had been given. I’m thinking does it look like I’ve had it!  And the intake nurse explains that the surgeon will have to “hold his horses” because her patient wasn’t ready. Still, this only bought me 10 minutes, tops.

That’s the thing about having the best hip guy in the area; he is quick. The guy reserves 2 ORs and has one patient prepped and ready to go as soon he’s done with the other case. And he can take a surgery that may take a less skilled surgeon 1 hour to do, he does in 30 minutes.

The surgery was arthroscopic, much like laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis, but in the hip joint. Surgeons use water for joint arthroscopy instead of inflating the joint  with gas. I have two small incisions — one on the side of my hip and one in my groin.

My hip joint is sore today, and I still can’t put much weight on it. So… sticking to the crutches. The groin area and incision give me the most trouble, though. It is tolerable today — unless I’m up moving. But if it weren’t for the ice wrap they gave me, I would have lost my mind!! Image

The constant pressure ice wrap. It wraps around my hip and thigh and provides  a massaging compression (so I don’t need itchy compression stockings) that fills with ICE  water every 30 minutes. The machine keeps a steady 30 min on and 30 off.

Day 3: I’m trying to make it up on my own more. My poor husband hasn’t a good night sleep since my surgery. I know this because I haven’t slept much either. Last night actually managed more than a 30 minute stretch, but my leg spasms would still wake me. I’m trying to rely on the ice pack today and not pain meds. I would meditate through the pain when I can and allow my body to heal naturally


3 responses to “Post-op & Recovery

  1. Endochick,

    I hope you feel better soon! Please get plenty of rest (even when actual sleep eludes you)! I know you’re anxious to get up and around – but, as you know, rushing recovery is a dangerous thing. So please rest up and I hope the pain gets better ASAP!! 🙂


    • Jeanne, sleep has been my best friend — well, after those first rough couple of nights!. Thanks to pain medicine, I’m out like someone hit me over the head with a 2×4… as if I know what that feels like (because I don’t, I swear!!) see… I still have my sense of humor in all this madness…

  2. This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!
    ! Finally I have found something that helped me. Many thanks!

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