Endometriosis Edith?

March has nearly slipped the coop. Where did it go? I had to post at least one more time before month’s end, and I want it to be whimsical. After all, if you cannot laugh with this disease, then it is bound to drive you insane.

I once knew a crotchety old man with a bum knee. He swam. He golfed. He took nightly walks around the block. He was just a bit slow, smelled of ointment and rubbed that knee a lot. Peculiarly, he also called it Sally.

“Sally’s gone arthritic.” “Sally’s locked up.” “Hold up, Sally needs rubbin’.”

You get the idea… everyone, from the postman to the corner grocer asked after Sally.

I remembered that man and his silly knee this morning. And it got me thinking…

Have you noticed there is a name for your period? Aunt Flo. I get the context, but Flo is a real female name. Could you imagine naming your endometriosis? Or does yours already have one? Is it male or female?

I’m not sure what I would name mine… or if I even would. Bob? Jan?

Endometriosis doesn’t have an adorable face just screaming its name. Its an insidious, evil; a poisonous alien and your body is nothing but the host.

There. I found my name. Alien.


4 responses to “Endometriosis Edith?

  1. Ha, I should totally name it. Instead, I usually just complain that “my thing” hurts.

  2. Endochick,

    I think if people can get an occasional moment of levity out of naming their illness, why not? I haven’t named my illnesses but I can see where people might find such a naming process a helpful way of keeping things from getting too serious. (I must admit, though, that I myself have never been a fan of the “Aunt Flo” naming convention).

    “Alien” is a good name for endo. 😉


  3. I have been dealing with endo for 6 yrs and still not confirmed but I know my body and this is endo I have been sick I hate endo it takes away your life

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