It Shouldn’t Bother Me…

I get comments addressing the “writers” or “you guys,” or “this forum,” and I have to keep repeating myself… I’m a “me.” This blog has one author, one moderator. Perhaps I’m being a tad overly sensitive, but this is my blog. These thought and feelings and experiences are mine, and I own them.

And now I will blame hormones for this rant and move on.


5 responses to “It Shouldn’t Bother Me…

  1. I would be bothered too. It’s hard to not take comments personally when essentially, they’re about you. I appreciate all the input and correspondence from you. I imagine nearly all of the negative feedback are from people who are frustrated by their situations; which I’m sure you can understand. Hang in there and try to remember there are lots of people like myself who appreciate you. Have an outstanding day!!!!!

  2. Will there be an RSS feed that we may subscribe to on
    this site so if you have fresh articles that we all could be notified?

  3. Is there a ratings form where you can contact the
    owner of this article? What’s the best method to reach out?

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