Some Happenings…

I have been neglecting this blog. I apologize. And I NEVER check my Endochick email. I just don’t have the time anymore.:(
I had meant to do a couple “Ask Endochick” posts, but those are being held back. Why? Well,find out in the “What’s Endochick Been Up To?” update.

1 The “Ask Endochick” posts will be a key feature in an upcoming book…. more info to come at a much later date.

2 Endometriosis isn’t really bothering me lately. At least, not enough, to warrant more posting.

3 This is probably the first summer in a very long time, where my dysautonomia hasn’t been a major issue. Granted, I know better than to spend extended periods in the heat, etc. But, those times when I must brave the elements are only giving me mild symptoms.

4 Epilepsy, on the hand, is a chronic illness I find difficult to manage. Sadly, with each med increase, I feel more and more like it will be a juggling act instead of a disease I can get ahead of – or even a grip on.

That is all I can think of for now. If you have questions, comment on a thread – I’ll see it.


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