Just Questions

I’m reminiscent today, and questioning life. How would life be had I stayed with my former employer, was able to fully complete my research and gather enough data to publish? The years, six months of direct observations,and kissing major hospital-VIP bum to end with unusable (for med journals and presentations,at leats) data. How would life have been if I’d been allowed to conduct the endometriosis research I originally started working on – the one I already had 9 online and 32 in-person patient data forms logged.

How different would it be if I could find the time to work on the endo patient book I’ve sketched out? I have the data – two types, in fact. I just can’t carve out the time.

How different would life be if doctor’s stopped suggesting Lupron or a hysterectomy for my endo pain. They need to stop listening to drug reps and read. Read the drug issues.


2 responses to “Just Questions

  1. I had the hysterectomy but kept my ovaries. The pain is still there. Doctors are useless and I have lost all faith in them.

    • Erin,

      Some doctor’s soul still believe they can leave the ovaries in – and this beyond bewildered me. I wonder where they got their degrees, or why they treat women! My own mother was in the same boat as you. And, and I know you’ll not want to hear this, nearly 27 years later, she still has pain that doctors chalk up to random things – but can’t pin down down on a definite cause. Guess what, though… her pain is where the deepest endo was. We don’t need better treatments or surgery. At this point, we need a cure.

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