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*ENDOMETRIOSIS AWARENESS* Letter Campaign Example!!

As many of you may be aware, March is Endometriosis Awareness month. In an effort to increase education and awareness, especially of correct treatment and surgical options, and in an effort to put a positive light on Endometriosis in the media, some of us health  bloggers will be encouraging you to write to local, state and national media. Jeanne from Jeanne’s Endo Blog needs to be commended for taking the innitiative to concieve of such a campaign. Thank you, Jeanne.

I’ve included an example of a recent letter I composed for Mariela Azcuy, the Senior Associate Direct of PR for the Meridith Corporation. It is best, when addressing a business orginazation, to stick to a business format in your correspondence. And try to keep it concise.  Get your necessary facts in, but don’t make it boring. A boring letter will end up in the trash. You need to make the reader aware of the seriousness of your cause without over dramatizing it. And struggle as you may, it may not be the best idea to include long, drawn out, personal stories in an awareness letter. An awareness letter needs to focus on:

1) Your cause

2) Why this needs coverage

3) Relevant facts and figures pertaining to your cause

Journalists especially, and other media personel, are busy people. If you send them a multi-page document or email, they are likely to skim over it and toss it. Send them a nice, concise 1 page (2 pages at most) letter with facts and figures, and you’ll more than likely get a call back. Why? It’s easy to pull even a small piece from a 1-2 page letter if there are  figures they can quote. With one simple 10-15 minute phone call to the letter’s author, they have an easy write up for their paper or magazine with little effort. I’ve done it before (once with a pamphlet from a city council meeting!).

As promised, here is the example of my letter to Mariala Azcuy. Please remember that my work on this blog is copyrighted. You may use this example as a reference, and I hope it inspires you.

My Letter:

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