Don’t recognize my stomach

Ever been so bloated you don’t recognize your own stomach? This is where I’m at. Right now!

Warning… This post may be graphic.

I’m trying everything I know to get to the heart of this beast, too. This pain under my left rib — xrays clear — still plagues me. I do have red blood cells showing in my another test, but not enough to worry the doctor. Especially since the rest of the test looks good. However, the fact that red cells are pre
sent AT ALL is a red flag.

The fatigue is still present. I slept 3 hours Sunday afternoon. Not because I wanted to either, but because I passed out on the couch.

Something is wrong with my body. I know this! Why is no one listening??

4 responses to “Don’t recognize my stomach

  1. Hello! I found your blog after googling endometriosis and spleen pain. I know exactly how you feel with the pain under your left rib.

    I haven’t been diagnosed with endometriosis but my doctor and I are pretty sure I have it. I mentioned that my spleen especially hurts when I have my period, and she thinks it might have something to do with endometriosis. I’m going to see a gyno. next week to talk about everything.

    I’ve had this spleen pain ever since my spleen was enlarged from mono my freshman year of college, (5 years ago) so I know it’s definitely my spleen that hurts. I’ve brought it up to countless doctors and I’ve had several ultrasounds on it that have shown nothing. Most doctors brush it off like it’s nothing, but obviously constant pain in the same area isn’t normal.

    I’d really be interested to hear what your side pain is like and what information you’ve found about it.

    • Katie – my side pain is a dull knife-life pain directly under my rib. You can feel a knot. And I know it’s my spleen because it was enlarged while I was getting the IV back in May — the IV of steroids for Optic Neuritis. That swelling was confirmed by the doctor. So when it puffed back up and the pain was familiar, I knew right away! The doctor just brushes it right off.

  2. Im crazy bloated from time to time. I’ve had this pain you speak of…mine was caused by crazy painful gas, which was most likely (is most likely) caused by my bowel/endo issues. Good times. Good friggin times.

    • I would NOT be surprised if mine is endo related. With the trouble I had with the Mirena this time around. Now everything is fine on that front. But I would not be surprised.

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